Coatue Photography provides photographic services throughout the New England area including Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. My own obsession with photography began at when I was 7 years old and has continued ever since. I studied journalism and philosophy as an undergraduate and psychology in graduate school. I take classes at the New England School of Photography where I continue to take classes during the slower wedding seasons! My educational background is complimented by working with other photographers including the owners of Person + Killian and John F. Shrieber Photography. I am a member of the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International and the Boston Photographic Resource Center. I also volunteer my services for charitable organizations including the Taproot Foundation.

Coatue Photography was started as a way for me and my fellow photographers to work together and provide outstanding photography services to the New England area.

We cover events – large and small from corporate parties to weddings, engagement shoots, portraits, and one of my favorites-shooting newborns! We offer 20% discounts to clients and members of their wedding parties on future wedding and portrait services.

Everyone shooting for Coatue has experience covering events and weddings, and has seen their share of unusual and unexpected moments – from fire alarms mid-ceremony to ring bearer’s who can't sit still, and brides who need on the fly ear piercing. It's these unusual moments and fast pace of weddings that make us love our work!

Please contact us at if you would like additional information about our services or to arrange an appointment to discuss your needs and see more work.

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About Us

Coatue Photography is named after 375 acres of barrier beach that shelters Nantucket Harbor from the Sound in Nantucket, MA (image above). The word Coatue is a Native American word for pine forest. Oddly, it’s pronounced co-2.

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