Monday, October 09, 2006

Moving on....

My wedding Saturday was great fun! Salem, MA in October is amazing to start with. Add a full mooon, gorgeous fall day, and Mat & Dianne who are totally loved by one another and all of their friends and family and it is the perfect gig!

Brenna, my co-shooter for the day was also amazing proving her greatness by navigating the mini through the one-way streets of Salem, MA to find the lost groom's man. Both Brenna & the groomsman made it safely to the shooot.

Congratulations to Mat & Dianne! Your gallery will be up soon!


First there was bridezilla and I've been lucky not to meet any of those... but this weekend, I met a rare and lesser known beastie, the infamous, seldom spoken of, Groomzilla!

on the advice of legal counsel, you'll have to email for pixs of groomzilla...