Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Another cute picture from the fall photo shoots.

On the artistic, creative side, I am working on several photography projects including one of matter as non-solids - fire, steam, smoke, etc...

I am also working on a couple of sets of images using inexpensive plastic cameras. I usually have them at weddings, but rarely have a chance to use them.

Santa Claus Ball

Yup, Mr. Claus, Santa to those of you who dig goodies under a tree, was on hand at the Santa Clauss Ball sponsored by the good kids at Santa Claus Anonymous. And Coatue Photography voluntered to take pictures of the guests with Santa. Some serious, some not so serious images came of the whole thing, check out the mini gallery.

If you are working on an event and would like Coatue to consider volunteering, email us with the event details. If we're open, we'd love to help out.

Love this shot...

I love this shot... And I've tried to figure out a good place to use it, but somehow, I always go with something else. However, it needs to be shared, so here it is.

I'm planning on sharing a lot more new work in the next few weeks/months depending on work on other fronts.

And on the topic of sharing, comments are swell, so share away!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Where have I been?

The fall was a jam packed adventure of gorgeous brides, handsome grooms, and hours spent with the computer on my lap...

When it was all done, I took off for a little Jamaican vacation where apparently everything is No problem...

At least for us it was. Great time...

I've been booking weddings and am excited about shooting the upcoming weddings.

We shot the Santa Ball in December. Enjoyed the holidays as I hope all of you did. And now we're looking forward to updating the site. Doing some fun creative images. And seeing more of all of you.

And a lot more blogging, I've got a back log of things to share and pictures to post!