Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lomography II

Ahh, huh, what else?

Well in addition to the multi-shooting lomo, I have a fish eye camera that is also cheap, plastic and fun to use...

Both cameras have been on quite a few trips in the last few years usually combining a few of my favorite things to do:
1) travel
2) hear music
3) take pixs

And to do all three, I've been going to interesting music festivals including Austin City Limits, New Orleans Jazzfest, and most recently, Voodoo Fest also in New Orleans. These big music festivals are a great opportunity to check out a lot of music without a lot of commitment. More on that in the next post...

(The image above is the bike racks at Austin City Limits (ACL). An impressive turn out of car free travelers. I loved ACL, but it was hot, I mean, really, really hot!)


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