Client Information

Client Information: Events

In the materials we gave to you at our meeting, you will find a sheet that asks for information about you. If you have time and are inclined to do so, completing the sheet and returning it to us will help us. You can also click here for a pdf of the sheet.

We will post 20-30 pictures our website within 1 week of your event. The url for your event will be"the date of your event"/. This url will be on business cards at your wedding that can be given to guests who might want to see the images. At this site, the last image in the gallery will include the URL for your pictage online gallery.

Your images will be at the pictage gallery within 4 weeks with proofs a few weeks later. The printed proofs take a little longer because traffic at the photo lab can vary based on the popularity of your wedding date. Once the images are online, we release the event to you. You will get a notice from Pictage informing you that that your event was released with a URL to the site. You should check out the images and make private any that you don't want everyone to see (getting ready shots, people crying...). Everything that we post gets upload to pictage and printed. If you hide images and don't want them put into the proof albums, please let us know.

The images on Coatue Photo will stay for ~6 months. The galleries on Pictage are set to expire in 6 months but are easily extended. We typically extend the images in 3 month increments if asked by you or one of your guests.

Our goal is to be as unintrusive as possible during your event. Once we finish the group shots, we try to leave you alone to enjoy the festivities. If you would like for us to shoot particular shots, feel free to let us know we're happy to do whatever works for you.

If you have a guest who will act as your photo coordinator, please send his/her name to me in advance. Having someone who can help us identify the people who mean a lot to you but might hang back or are a little camera shy will help us to be sure to include them in the final prints.

Images: is the professional photography lab that we use. All of the images that you'll get from them are printed on professional paper. They cannot be scanned on a commercial machine. However, we do give cds of images that you can have printed out anywhere. We like for printing. They offer a variety of paper textures and paper sizes. If you need any assistance with printing, please contact us. We're happy to help.

Most computer monitors vary to some extent. If you open your image files and they appear too light, too dark, or with a tint, your monitor may need to be calibrated. Information on monitor calibration is available in this pdf.

We shoot everything in color. We post the images in a variety of ways. If you see something that you would like to see in one of the other styles, please let us know the folder name and the image number. We'll convert the file and post it online in a folder titled converts. Converting color images to black and white images is simple but if you're planning on printing the image, we prefer that you have us make the conversion for you in photoshop. Again, just send us the folder and image number and we'll convert it and post it for you to print it.

Coatue offers albums of all sorts from Leather bound prints to cute 4"X5" coffee table books. We're happy to help you or your guests with an album that fits your needs and your budget.

Payments can be made by check or credit card. A deposit of $200 is due when your date is booked. The balance of your payment is due 1 week before your event.

We book only one event a day. This allows us to be flexible with our time. If you decide you need us for a longer period of time, just let us know.

Final Note:
We're there to help you, don't hesitate to ask us if you need anything. And have fun! We're catching everything for you to enjoy later!