Client Information

Client Information: Portraits

Your images will be at the pictage gallery within 2 weeks with proofs around the same time. If you've asked for printed proofs, they will be available approximately 2 weeks later. Once the images are online, we release them to you. Once you get the notice from Pictage that your event was released you should check out the images. You can share the images with others, place orders for prints, or just review them.

The images on Coatue Photo's website will stay online for 3 months, longer if you request additional time.

Images: is the professional photography lab that we use. All of the images that you'll get from them are printed on professional paper. They cannot be scanned on a commercial machine. However, we do give cds of images that you can have printed out anywhere. We like for printing. They offer a variety of paper textures and paper sizes. If you need any assistance with printing, please contact us. We're happy to help.

Most computer monitors vary to some extent. If you open your image files and they appear too light, too dark, or with a tint, your monitor may need to be calibrated.

We shoot everything in color. We post the images in a variety of ways. If you see something that you would like to see in one of the other styles, please let us know the folder name and the image number. We'll convert the file and post it online in a folder titled converts. Converting color images to black and white images is simple but if you're planning on printing the image, we prefer that you have us make the conversion for you in photoshop. Again, just send us the folder and image number and we'll convert it and post it for you to print it.

Payments are due for shooting when the images are taken. Images included with your package can be ordered by emailing the image numbers to with the size of prints you'd like (up to 8X10). Orders for additional images can be made online at Pictage and can be placed and paid for at anytime.

Dress Notes:
Your clothing should not distract from your images. We recommend that groups try to wear the same color or at least colors that are simiar in color even if they aren't in the same tone. Checked patterns can result in unusual patterns in images at various sizes. Solid colors are usually a better choice.