Client Information

Client Information: Stuff Books

It typically takes us 3-4 hours to shoot your stuff. Sometimes longer if you we're working with unusual lighting situations or you have a lot of space. Don't worry about cleaning for us, it's nice if you do, but not essential. And we promise, we won't share your mess with anyone!

Once we get the images, they will be posed at Pictage.Com within 4 weeks. Your "event" name will be "Co2 'The shoot date' Stuff". For example if we shoot on June 6, 2006, the name will be Co2 06.06.06 Stuff. If you've asked for printed proofs, they will be available approximately 2 weeks later. Once the images are online, we release them to you. Once you get the notice from Pictage that your event was released you should check out the images. You can share the images with others, place orders for prints, or just review them.

As we discussed, you will need to choose 20-24 of your favorite images to put into your Stuff Book. Once you have chosen the 30 images, we will go through them and make modifications such as converting to black and white, sepia, cropping, etc. If there are any images (or all the images) that you want us to keep as they appear online, please let us know the folder name and the no. of the image.

We'll post the final images within 2-3 weeks and pending your approval, the images will be sent to the printer. You should have your Stuff Book within 3-4 weeks depending on the traffic at the printing press.

The images on Coatue Photo will stay for at least 3 months.

Most computer monitors vary to some extent. If you open your image files and they appear too light, too dark, or with a tint, your monitor may need to be calibrated.

In addition to the Stuff Book, some of our clients decide to get prints made of favorite prints. Or expand the size of their book. Prints can be ordered easily online at Pictage. Expanded books are available by just putting additional images into the folder and emailing us that you'd like the book to be expanded.

If you've received this as a gift, you're in luck - no payments are necessary.
For those of you who are having your own stuff books made, payments are due for shooting when the images are taken. Orders for additional prints are made online at Pictage and can be placed online and paid for at anytime.